From hype to business - how AI is revolutionizing content production!

ChatGPT, GPT-3, DALL-E and generative AI - one trend chases the other. Online searches are becoming more dialog-based and interactive. Texts can be created and edited in real time. Images and videos can be created with just a few commands. Extensive documents can be analyzed and summarized at the click of a mouse. Data extraction from multimedia documents has become extremely easy. The ways in which content is produced and delivered are being revolutionized with the help of AI. But what is hype and what is already business-relevant reality? Which technologies enable real innovation and where do they stand today? This is exactly what Johannes Sommer's presentation is about.

Johannes Sommer

Johannes Sommer is CEO of the Berlin-based tech company Retresco. Together with founder and CEO Alexander Siebert, he implements cross-industry automation projects for the databased creation of text using artificial intelligence, so-called natural language generation.  
As an expert in digital transformation and content automation, Johannes is able to anticipate new trends and developments with potential and transform them into technological innovations that benefit customers from a wide range of industries.

Johannes Sommer