Web technology goes print: How PrintCSS can change the industry

"It basically works like a website, but generates a PDF". That's how PrintCSS was explained to me 2-3 years ago. The Paged Media module allows the creation of print layouts and has long been a standard feature for CSS (the common design language of the web).

Thus, personalized products, books, indeed any content can be created instantly. Even one-piece print runs are no longer a problem. Does this technology really have the potential to change the industry? And how does PrintCSS work, anyway? Insights into a disruptive technology.

Simea Merki

Simea Merki is co-owner and founding member of "morntag". As a daughter of an entrepreneur, she had the chance to learn at an early age what it means to think like an entrepreneur. She takes this with her into her work with customers. Entrepreneurial understanding on the one hand and versatile creativity on the other. That's her thing. The mission: to help people say what they have to say, every day. The young team at morntag always takes fresh approaches and finds crafty solutions, especially for the smaller players in the publishing world.

Simea Merki