Planning print projects successfully: The do's & dont's to successfully hoist a print project over the finish line!

"Everything is different for us and, of course, the introduction of the new publishing solution will be ready on time, can do everything we want and, of course, will not cost more than previously budgeted!" This or something similar is certainly what everyone has heard or hoped for at the start of a project. But the reality is quite different. But why do things not work out as planned?

In order to prevent delays, budget overruns or even failure, you don't have to have 30 years of project experience and countless project management certifications. If you know the biggest pitfalls and counteract them quickly and in time with the right measures, you can successfully get (almost) every project over the finish line.

Our presentation covers the biggest mistakes in projects and gives concrete advice to identify and overcome challenges early on. This way, you can ensure that your project is completed successfully.

Sascha Postel

As founder of mzentrale GmbH & Co KG, he gained experience in the conception and implementation of eCommerce projects for well-known brands since 2001. Since leaving the company in 2014, he has been advising companies on the entire spectrum of digital sales, from product data creation to customer care and customer acquisition through online marketing. In doing so, he accompanies his clients from strategy development to operational implementation with a focus on product data management. He recently joined the Media-Office-GmbH team as a PIM consultant and project manager.

Sascha Postel