KPI-driven product data strategy - key performance indicators along the Product Data Value Chain

In our presentation, we would like to explain the product data value chain in detail and, based on this, show how companies can benefit from a holistic view of their product data. We will present practical KPIs that enable companies to validate and optimize their data strategy and consequently create a solid data basis for business decision making.

In our presentation, we will provide an overview of the different phases of the product data value chain, from onboarding, to management, to enrichment, to channelization of data. We will address the importance of each phase and how companies can optimize their business processes and better understand their customers by effectively managing their product data.

We will also present KPIs to help companies measure and improve the success of their data strategy. We will use real-world examples from various industries to show how companies have optimized their data strategy and improved their business results by using these KPIs.

Our goal is to give the audience a hands-on introduction to the product data value chain and how they can improve their data strategy and optimize their business processes. Our presentation will be suitable for attendees from a variety of industries who want to improve their understanding of the importance of product data.

Robin Wilken

As a Product Data Strategy Manager, I specialise in advising and supporting clients in various industries along their product data value chain. I bring in-depth knowledge in creating, managing and optimising product data to help clients achieve their business goals.

As a speaker, I bring my knowledge and experience to help audiences from various industries optimise their data strategy and make better business decisions. My presentations are practical and offer concrete examples of how companies can benefit from an effective product data strategy.

Patrick Michael

For more than 5 years, I have been supporting our clients in various industries on their way to "Product Data Excellence". Based on a clear definition of objectives, I uncover potential for action and optimisation, develop a long-term product data strategy along the product data value chain and create added value.

As a speaker, I would like to contribute my consulting expertise as well as my experience from current projects and illustrate the learnings with explicit examples.

Patrick Michael

Robin Wilken