With "Explosion and Simplification" to the Digital Information Supply Chain

The Digital Information Supply Chain optimizes processes and increases efficiency in both e-commerce and print. Digital solutions enable faster and more cost-effective order processing, better planning and flexibility, and greater transparency and quality assurance. This strengthens competitiveness. How can solutions be created that go beyond the traditional departments of sales, marketing, product management, procurement, etc.? Axel Helbig provides insights into a methodology for building a digital information supply chain.

About Axel Helbig:

For more than a quarter century, Axel Helbig of foryouandyourcustomers has been advising companies on the ever-changing challenges of multichannel and IT infrastructure. With his groundbreaking methodological expertise, he supports international companies in the exploration of target customers and channels to ensure a resilient business in a rapidly changing world.

Axel Helbig