Achieve great things with a small budget

It doesn't always have to be the big one. It makes more sense to work constantly and sustainably on optimizing existing processes than to implement major releases at intervals of several years. As a long-standing integrator of Werk II, w&co illustrates that major effects can also be achieved with comparatively manageable budgets, using the example of its customer Udo Bär. In his presentation, w&co will show how practical solutions can reduce costs and create added value.

About Oliver Müller-Feindseis

Oliver Müller-Feindseis has held a management position at the Munich-based media service provider w&co since 2012. He is regarded as a proven expert in the field of system-supported print output and, together with his team, implements individual solutions for automating media production for well-known customers from the retail, mail order and industrial sectors. His passion is process optimization. He is regarded as a practice-oriented doer for solutions that not only sound good, but also work.

About Kay Gött

Kay Gött has been committed to database publishing since the beginning of his career. He was instrumental in implementing automated publishing processes for one of Europe's leading tourism providers. At w&co, as Senior Project Manager, he is responsible for the implementation of complex projects in the field of system-supported print output. As a trained media designer, he knows what matters in practice and what customers need to achieve their goals.

Kay Gött

Oliver Müller-Feindseis