Thinking print radically digital - Programmatic print and beyond

The circle is complete: the original goal of dynamic publishing was once the fully automatic layout machine. Then, step by step, more and more of the print process became system-supported. Today, we're talking about fully automatic machines again - but under entirely different circumstances, with completely different data sources.

Thorsten Hamann takes you on a journey through time and shows how print today can and should be thought radically digital, and what is possible beyond Programmatic Print. With first-order horstograms and ideas for process acceleration that marketing and purchasing will first hate, but then love.

About Thorsten Hamann:

Thorsten Hamann has been automating and optimizing multichannel publishing and business processes for more than 25 years. At Laudert, he combines his experience in PIM, MAM, layout automation, information supply chains, programmatic printing and media production to help companies of all sizes reliably produce better content faster at lower cost. In his spare time, he tames his three children and stretches his wife's patience beyond measure.

Thorsten Hamann