Powering the entire product journey with print.

With more demands on product data than ever before, B2B and B2C enterprises need a PIM solution that supports the entire product cycle, from sourcing to decommissioning and every stage in between. Inriver powers the entire product journey at every touchpoint. The inriver configurable PIM solution, with built-in digital shelf analytics and integration capabilities, connects to your digital ecosystem with flexibility and ease, so it grows as your company grows. In this session, we’ll be focusing on the shifts in post-pandemic marketplace, how global brands deliver accurate product data and give valuable insights to provide their customers a good shopping experience at every touchpoint. Join us to learn how inriver's new breed of PIM takes publishing to the next level.

About Jörg Roel

Jörg Roel is on a mission to redefine the PIM category and create digital leaders in the manufacturing industry. With 30+ years business expertise in data management he brings valuable insights from his work at inriver, Stibo Systems, Informatica, Oracle and SAP to customers and partners. His experience is, that time to value is one very critical aspect of any technology project, and for product information management in particular, the showstoppers are high initial costs driven by inflexible licensing models and very long implementation times. The inriver platform is perfectly positioned to address these challenges by offering a simple, scalable licensing model based on a true cloud native approach.

Jörg Roel