Calm-posable Commerce: Soothing the Storms of Commerce Platforms!

Most commerce projects are a nightmare: they're frustrating, take too long, go over budget, you name it! Not anymore with a Composable Commerce strategy. Join us for this session where we'll show you how to approach a Composable Commerce project - including product data that gives you flexibility where it's needed, and fast time to market through simplification where it's possible.

About Harry van Rossum

As the Country Manager for DynamicWeb Benelux since June 2019, Harry has helped numerous clients in the region take their business to the next level. Harry has a strong digital background, having held key positions at Contentserv, Sitecore, and BloomReach among others. His deep understanding of the challenges faced by various industries, including retail, food, DIY, wholesale, and finance, has allowed him to make significant contributions to the strategic development of businesses across different sectors.

About Paul Britzke

Paul Britzke has been with DynamicWeb for the past 5 years, where he has focused on eCommerce, PIM, CMS, and marketing solutions. As the Country Manager for DynamicWeb DACH, Paul has opened the DACH office in September 2022 and laid the foundations by expanding the partner network. He is now helping medium to large-sized businesses in the DACH region optimize their digital strategies and achieve greater success with tailored digital solutions.

Paul Britzke

Harry van Rossum