Webinar with Pimcore: Future of Retail


Online (Digital)

We're excited to start this year's Webinar-Season together with our friends at Pimcore.

Join the discussion with Horst Huber (Founder & CEO at priint Group) and Dietmar Rietsch (founder & CEO at Pimcore) on February 9th at 11am CET.

They will discuss the key trends and challenges facing the retail industry in the coming years.

  • Which role will virtual- and augmented reality play in retail?
  • Learn about the dangers of bad data strategies
  • Why you should strive for a consistent omnichannel experience.
  • The Importance of personalization and data-driven marketing.
  • Explore the role of print and when companies should rely on it for a consistently great customer experience.

Lastly, Horst and Dietmar will discuss what retailers are missing now that will impact the industry's future and what retail companies should invest in to stay ahead of the curve. We will see us in the webinar!