The first insight into priint:day - Live



Digital Sneak Preview 2020

Join us online when we give you a first insight into our program and get to know our sponsors. Ask your questions to our speakers in the chat, which will be answered live.

The journey at a glance:

  • Horst Huber, Werk II/priint Group, steps into the time machine and presents in his keynote "Back to the Future" trend-setting thoughts on the subject of content and explains which sustainable solutions are possible for your content problem.
  • Thorsten Hamann, Laudert, is ready to follow and show you the pitfalls of a 360° content strategy and of course protect you from them.
  • Michael Sahlender, CELUM, follows with the wrecking ball for silos and the power of content & collaboration. Increase your efficiency and dive into tomorrow's world together.
  • Ingo Eichel, Adobe, prepares you for the jump into the future with the help of the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Patricia Kastner, Contentserv, makes the quantum leap from the omnichannel to the experience age and takes you with her.
  • Arrived together in the future and in the landing approach the release of the priint:suite 4.1.7 follows.