Produktdatengaudi 2024


Steinbergs Alm (Wildwiese 1, 59846 Sundern, Germany)

Have you considered the amount of time you spend searching for and preparing different product or article information for your store, the various marketplaces and then also for transfer to other channels? The real challenge is when your own product range is constantly changing and the challenge of keeping all data up to date for all e-commerce channels becomes increasingly difficult.

The solution is a product information management system, or simply PIM for short. Managing all items centrally and routing them to various output channels makes work exceptionally easier. Not quite convinced yet? Would you like to find out more and exchange ideas in a manageable group?

Our partners, valantic and nexoma, have a great opportunity for you to explore - an event full of various presentations, networking breaks and the experts on site, you can engage in an open exchange.

On July 2, 2024 it will be time again and we are invited to the Alm. Our team will also be on site to talk more about the output side of product data.

Piqued your interest? Here you can find more information about the Produktdatengaudi.

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