Product Data Pilots


Cologne, Germany (Haus der Kommunikation)

Ready for departure! Customers & Friends take your seats for take-off!

After the successful first round trip in 2023, your trusted cabin crew looks forward to taking you on another journey in 2024. The "Product Data Pilots" event series is entering its fourth round with the first destination in Cologne.

Our cabin crew has grown!
In addition to hmmh, Contentserv, Onedot, Retresco and us, this time participants will also be welcomed by some of our outstanding customers that will be on hand to provide insights into the product data value chain. Some of the questions to be addressed include:

  • How can efficient supplier onboarding for high-quality PIM data be achieved?
  • How have other companies already efficiently adapted product information to target groups and touchpoints?
  • What were the challenges in the product data value chain and how were they overcome?
  • How can you take your e-commerce to a new level with AI-optimized data?
  • What makes a good PIM system?
  • How do you turn product data into automated, high-quality item descriptions?

Find out first-hand how companies have already found answers to these questions and which strategies and technologies they are already using to great effect.