Webinar: Maximizing Multichannel Impact: Advanced Strategies for Utilizing PIM in B2B and B2C Marketing



Discover the transformative power of Product Information Management (PIM) in revolutionizing both B2B and B2C marketing landscapes. This webinar from akeneo and the priint Group delves into the strategic utilization of PIM data, emphasizing its critical role in crafting highly personalized marketing materials. Explore how cutting-edge automation technologies facilitate the effortless generation of customized catalogs, competitive price lists, and engaging postcard offers. Learn about scaling these efforts to suit any business size and how these advancements foster consistent, impactful marketing communications across diverse channels. Whether you're looking to enhance customer experiences or streamline your marketing processes, this session offers valuable insights and practical solutions for achieving omnichannel marketing excellence.

Take part in the webinar on February 15th at 4 pm (local time)!