Look beyond the digital edge



Across a series of four separate webinars (in German), SDZeCOM and priint will provide insights into the keys to success in publishing. All webinars will take place from 10:00 - 11:00 am and will be repeated 2-3 times. We look forward to seeing you.

Keys to Successful publishing in the digital world

In this webinar, Horst Huber, WERK II, and Ralf Jung, SDZeCOM, discuss why publishing is an important part of the digital strategy. Print can work in the digital world by being individualized, personalized and emotionally connected- while at the same time being efficient and effective. [Dates: 19.03. | 07.06.2021].

Automated catalog production - PIM and InDesign working together

As an inspiration and trigger medium, catalogs remain very important in today's world. Patrick Halfar, Consultant at SDZeCOM, explains how to produce an individualized and personalized catalog inexpensively and efficiently [Dates: 11.02. | 12.04. | 31.05.2021].

Opportunities for Cost Reduction in publishing

Find unused potential for optimization in your publishing process: How can you increase efficiency? How can you save costs? These are questions in today's marketing world! Get tips and suggestions for an optimized publishing process from Ralf Jung, Consultant at SDZeCOM [Dates: 19.02. | 14.05. | 29.06.2021].

Introduction to priint:suite technology

priint Group (WERK II) will provide brief overview into the power of the priint:suite. The priint:comet offers the next generation database publishing functions for the fully automated creation of InDesign and Illustrator based documents  [Dates: 09.02. | 05.05.2021].