Drupa 2016


Messe Düsseldorf (Am Staad, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany)

Touch the Future

Every day, new communication channels spring up like mushrooms, that help companies to reach their customers and consumers, all using offline, online and mobile devices. The number of “touchpoints” where customers come into contact with their product or service, in the so-called “Customer Journey”, grows continuously.

Using a “Customer Journey Map” visitors to DRUPA can go exploring and get business relevant inspiration on how many touchpoints in the customer journey are relevant to print and how to create added value in the multi channel communication of the companies.

In one on one consultations with WERK II experts and seven lectures on the topic "future with priint - explore new and attractive touchpoints" DRUPA visitors get an idea on how they can approach the challenge of increasingly growing communication channels and how to explain the importance of print in the "customer journey". During DRUPA by working in cooperation with joint partners, the campaign “future with priint” will be presented at multiple places and times.


7.0A06 in Hall Innovation Park