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The Adobe Illustrator Summit is a two-day deep dive covering everything from Illustrator power tips to making art look organic; from infographics to colors, patterns, and symbols; from drawing better, faster to working with images, and much more.

"Connect and Grow" - with PIM Excellence and Digital Enterprise Strategies. myview systems will demonstrate to its customers, users and all PIM-interested individuals the possibilities to fully exploit the potential of product data.

SDZeCOM's Digital Conference Publishing-Special #2021 offers participants a 360° view with visionary presentations on print as part of digital - as part of a complete digitization strategy.

Are you utilizing your marketing budget to its fullest potential? Is your omnichannel mix accurate? Dynamicweb provides insights into how to create the ultimate cross-channel customer experiences.

In the realm of marketing, budgeting for online and offline channels seem to always be in competition. Learn how to stop the battle of the channels and balance online and offline marketing within your organization.

The how-to event of the year for creative professionals! Join us as we demonstrate how to spend more of your valuable time with creative work and less with tedious, manual copying & pasting!