Let the server work!

The rendering server offers a variety of possibilities to relieve the user of routine work and save time. It is an essential component If the priint:suite is used as an enterprise publishing platform.

The connection between priint:planner and rendering server allows you to automate a large number of routine tasks on the server side. The InDesign server and the comet pdf-renderer are supported as rendering servers. The use of several rendering servers enables extensive scaling of the automation processes.

Typical tasks that are mapped by the server:

Server jobs can be started by the user in the priint:planner application. In addition, workflows can become configured, which executes the server jobs that are planned, administrated and monitored using a web interface.

  • Rendering InDesign documents
  • Rendering of PDF documents
  • Updating InDesign documents with current data
  • Automatic creation of language and market versions Preflight check
  • Print preview for external systems


The InDesign Server or priint:comet PDF Renderer are seamlessly integrated into content management, workflows or the printing process. The load is automatically distributed between the instances of a server and also between several servers. An InDesign Server can be used by multiple publishing servers in parallel.

  • Support for InDesign® Server
  • Support priint:comet pdf renderer
  • Support of multiple rendering servers incl. load balancing
  • API for control by external systems
  • Monitoring server Jobs
  • Scheduled server jobs