Presenting technical information in a confined space

Presenting extensive technical information is often time-consuming and requires a lot of ingenuity. To assist with this challenge, the priint:suite offers a variety of options to create tables quickly and easily and to handle them efficiently. One of these options is to create tables individually for print output so the priint:planner offers a module where table templates can be created by the user with just a few clicks.

Customizable & descriptive

Table templates can be used for the output of data and be adapted individually to the print layout. A preview function always provides visual feedback on how the table is rendered. To minimize the editing effort, table configurations can easily be reused for other publications.

  • Preview of the table
  • Definition of table templates
  • Adapting the table template to the print layout
  • Easy reuse of table templates

Configurable & updateable

Templates are created in the table configuration which define the columns of a table and some design parameters. Attribute sets define which attributes are to be place in the table columns. If product planning has already been completed, a table configuration can be assigned to it. This creates a clone of the table configuration which can be adapted later. The original table configuration remains unchanged.

  • Assigning Attribute Sets
  • Subsequent removal/add/moving of columns
  • Customize the metadata that describes the columns
  • Table test with live data from the PIM system
  • Creating table clones