Content planning for creative publications

In practice, there are two main types of document creation that are used. One is list-oriented scheduling, mainly used for industrial catalogs, price lists, etc. Here, the content is structured according to chapters, sub-chapters, etc. The page count is dynamic and results from the templates used or from the content to be published.

In contrast, the page count of creative publications such as leaflets or mail order catalogs is usually determined in advance. This means that products must be planned on a single or double page, which serves as a briefing template for further processing. This planning is done in a very user-friendly way in the priint:planner Layout Briefing Module.

Core functions

The core function of the priint:planner Layout Briefing module is the visual assignment of products per page/double page to predefined grid locations. This pre-planning serves as a briefing basis for further graphical processing. The available screen layouts themselves are created in Adobe InDesign and are available for planning in the priint:planner Layout Briefing Module.

  • Selection of products from the PIM system
  • Placement of products and content elements on a grid layout via drag & drop
  • Input & maintenance of page-specific content
  • Design briefing
  • Print preview

Flexibility & Usability

Numerous configurable functionalities are available for both scheduling and subsequent finishing. All activities are stored in the priint:planner, ensuring maximum process reliability and user-friendliness.

  • Grid locations can be configured with various functionalities and behaviors
  • Resizing of halftone fields
  • Product content can be manually edited (and added to the content system) at any time
  • Complete workflow support
  • Task list and digital annotation