High end print automation

The priint:comet InDesign plug-in is the leading integrated automation solution for Adobe® InDesign®, enabling you to achieve high inccreases in efficiency for all types of publications - from freely designed mail order pages to fully automated industrial catalogs. More than 500 industry, trade and mail order customers rely on priint:suite‘s flexibility and innovative performance.

Seamless data integration into Adobe InDesign means #NoMoreCopyPaste

priint:comet plug-ins are seamlessly integrated into Adobe InDesign, with a user interface consistently based on standard InDesign functionality, ensuring a high level of user acceptance and minimal training and ramp up costs. Templates are produced in InDesign, enablings creatives to create in a familiar environment.

  • Template create in InDesign®
  • Supports all layout types
  • Automated creation of variants
  • Simple and intuitive working method
  • Powerful table module

Correction and change processes

priint:comet InDesign plug-ins can be used as stand-alone or groupware solutions. In addition to the various functions for automated page generation (flow layout, raster layout, free layout), the solutions feature a correction and change process: automatic updating of content, exchange of content (ex. product swaps), intelligent reorganization of page content, page stretches without detail loss and support for a digital correction process.

  • Digital annotations
  • Support of fully digital workflows
  • Enabling bidirectional source data update
  • System-supported change management
  • Role and rights system



Datasheet priint:comet InDesign plug-in