Format adaptation made easy

With priint:adjust you create labels and/or ads in different formats. Nails and magnets define the dependencies of content and frame and also generate fully automated non-proportional format adaptations in Adobe InDesign.

The tools magnets and nails control how the frames on a page behave in case of a format adaptation. The position of the frame on the page, the frame size, the position in relation to other frames, etc.

The frame contents are controlled by rules. So, how do the frame contents change in the case of a format adaption with regard to scaling, cutouts, changing the frame size etc.?

Rules and regulations: framework & contents

priint:adjust distinguishes two types of rules. One rule controls the changes of InDesign frames and the second rule controls the changes of frame contents. These rules are entered in the InDesign environment.

  • Rules define dependencies of frames & contents
  • Automated resizing of content (text, image, image content etc.)
  • Automated resizing of the frame
  • Free definition of the time when the rules apply

Nails & Magnets

The frame rules are defined by nails and magnets. Nails define the distance between the frame edge, the document border and the frame size. Magnets are used to define the distances between the frame edges.

  • Fixed and relative nails for absolute or proportional distances or size changes
  • Fixed and relative magnets for absolute or proportional distances between frames
  • Combination of nails & magnets