Calm-posable commerce: soothing the storms of commerce platforms

Harry van Rossum and Paul Britzke

The eCommerce market is in constant motion. New technologies and architectures arise on an ever-increasing pace. Earlier it was, and still is, headless and now it is all about composable and following a MACH architecture if you want to be agile and future-proof. In this exclusive talk from priint:day 2023, DynamicWeb Country Manager DACH, Paul Britzke, and Country Manager Benelux, Harry van Rossum, share exciting insights on how you can calm the emerging storms of commerce platforms.

For this, both speakers have prepared a quote, which they will use to shape their talk on Composable Commerce:

Always ask yourselves:
Will I need all functionalities offered? And is the extra price worth it?
– Harry van Rossum

Commerce platforms should empower, not overwhelm. Choose a commerce platform that aligns with your needs and grows with your business
– Paul Britzke

In their session, which you can see by scanning the QR code at the end of this article, they dive into all the important details to be best informed and enabled to implement a commerce solution that will be future-proof. Be it an all-in-one suite or a best-of-breed composable solution, you will learn what is needed to build what is best fitting to your organization.

Don’t lose your head in the process
Based on numerous case studies, the DynamicWeb presentation reveals where eCommerce projects often fail. Any eCommerce project at scale has its complexities, challenges and solutions. Some are project management related to make sure the multiple partners and their solutions work cohesively towards success, and some are more technical or internal-politically of nature.

During the session, Harry and Paul dive into an analysis of the most common challenges. And share tools and strategies to overcome these, resulting in a smooth commerce project that everyone is happy with.

Headless, composable, what now?
Many businesses that are considering a new commerce strategy will come across terms like “headless”, “composable” and “MACH”. But are these just the new kid on the block, or are they here to stay? And more importantly, are these something for you to consider?

This presentation will show how important it is to carefully evaluate your options and your return on investment (ROI) on each commerce strategy. It will take you through the main 2 options you have, being either going with a MACH approach and building a best-of-breed solution and strategy OR going with an all-in-one suite approach. Both have their benefits and their downsides. Not to forget this will be a choice for the next 3 to 5 years, the average lifetime of an eCommerce environment.

Why “composable”?

Flexibility, best-of-breed, quick time to market and scalability – these are the key benefits of composable. Another often given reason, which is very discussable, is that with composable you do not have vendor lock-in as you can easily switch out a solution and plug another one back in.

What composable allows companies to do very well is building a solution that they really want and that would fit their situation perfectly – although that is what DMUs hear, want to believe and zoom into.

It is true that you have tremendous freedom’s in building a commerce ecosystem through seamless integration of tools and services and are able to go faster to market while adding on solutions along the way.

But this freedom comes at a cost. Ranging from integration costs, to simply having multiple licenses to pay for in comparison to a suite approach.

Why an “all-in-one suite”?

On the other side of the spectrum you have the ‘all-in-one suite’ approach. Although a suite might be less flexible, there are hybrid solutions possible. You can start with the full suite, to only attach one other best-of-breed solution. Greatly speeding up the total project while keeping license costs in check.

Another benefit of an all-in-one suite is that they are often better, more tightly, integrated with each part of the system. In case of DynamicWeb, we are one of the few solutions out there that has an eCommerce and CMS, but also a PIM and Marketing solution in one single platform. But if you would like to replace the PIM for a more best-of-breed version than you absolutely can.

This makes a hybrid model not only possible, but also very attractive as it reduces project complexity tremendously, speeds up time to market even further and keeps launching and operating costs to a minimum.

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