Agile and successful in omnichannel commerce and PXM: NovaDB and the “Nova Driven Business”

Norbert Klinnert

The beating heart of digital commerce

In the vibrant world of digital commerce, agile solutions are are essential to maintain efficiency. Successful companies are  challenged with rapid time-to-market, extending their reach, and delivering an impactful product experience management (PXM). A key component to addressing these challenges is a strong data management platform.

NovaDB: your key to dynamic data management and the success of your omnichannel commerce strategy

NovaDB is an enterprise platform that helps you set the pace of digital commerce and stay ahead of your competitors. You are in control and can set the pace in an increasingly fast digital economy.  

MACH architecture: your route to scalability and adaptability

NovaDB's MACH architecture is the backbone that provides companies with an agile and future-proof infrastructure. It enables a fast time-to-market and a product experience that your customers will directly feel and appreciate.The platform allows for smooth integration into your existing system landscape and seamless exchange with third-party systems. This feature is like a bridge that takes your business across the complex challenges of digital commerce. Through its flexibility, the MACH architecture enables efficient scaling and dynamic adaptation to the unpredictable waves of the digital marketplace. In short, it is a powerful tool to keep your business on track for success in the fast-moving field of e-commerce.

NovaDB is more than just a product information transformation tool. The platform forms the core of a realignment that shows how companies can grow and develop in the digital world. As an enterprise platform and accelerator, NovaDB enables companies to master their digital challenges in e-commerce, increase the conversion rate through channel-specific content and thus achieve sustainable growth.

AI, exemplified by OpenAI's GPT, in the service of your success

An innovative feature of NovaDB is the integration of OpenAI's GPT, a leading artificial intelligence. What does this mean for your business? Your e-commerce teams can automate the creation and delivery of accurate, channel-specific, high-quality content on one platform when GPT and NovaDB work together. The result: accelerated time-to-market, an improved product experience and increased customer satisfaction. With NovaDB and GPT at your side, you can experience a whole new level of efficiency and productivity.

“Nova Driven Business“: efficiency and growth through data-driven strategies

What does “Nova Driven Business” mean? This is our strategy that emphasizes the use of NovaDB and its advanced features in enterprises to achieve the maximum business value for them.

Imagine a company that is continuously realizing its potential with the help of NovaDB. This company understands the possibilities of efficient data management and uses data-based decision-making processes for its omnichannel commerce. This can result in outstanding product experiences that ultimately contribute to increased customer satisfaction.

NovaDB is focused on innovation, quality and an improved customer experience - you choose the path of a “Nova Driven Business”.

The transformation into a “Nova Driven Business”

Transformation into a “Nova Driven Business” is an ongoing process that requires both commitment and strategic planning. It is a path that opens up new opportunities and can enable companies to succeed in an increasingly digitalized and connected world.

Explore the world of a Nova Driven Business in our video

In the video recording, speaker Norbert Klinnert shares his and the Noxum teams' expertise in the fields of PIM, MAM and e-commerce. He outlines the information management processes and how Noxum successfully implements projects from medium-sized companies to large enterprises. In doing so, he highlights the importance of MACH principles and explains how AI workspaces and no-code solutions are integrated into NovaDB. Afterwards, co-presenter Tobias Denninger demonstrates how NovaDB is used in conjunction with a PIM application package and how effortlessly third-party systems such as Office 365 and priint:comet can be connected.

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