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How print works in a digital world!

Print touchpoints are important components of a successful customer experience and therefore belong …...


Simea Merki from Team morntag, formerly, in the interview

What happens when 60-80% of your income is cut from one day to the next? Simea Merki gives us an …...


Kersten Wirth im Interview

After the postponement of our priint:days to June 2021 we used the time to talk to our sponsors and …...


Karolina Neb and Lea Reitz

Because of Corona we have my challenges in our daily lives. One of them is to hire new employees....


Ein Austausch unter Partnern

The priint:day offers the opportunity to exchange ideas, make new contacts and meet partners again. …...


Interview with Derick Price

In the interview: Derick Price, Co-Founder, from our new partner Kontave.Kontave is a Creative …...