The priint:suite 4.1.6 at a glance

The new features

The print:suite is constantly being further developed in order to open up new possibilities for customers. Equally this applies to the new priint:suite 4.1.6:

  • Two new modules
  • More than 70 improvements
  • 150 new features
  • …and the best comes at the end: The support of Linux

priint:comet goes Adobe® Illustrator®

priint:comet, the leading database publishing tool, now supports Adobe® Illustrator®. The layout automation of Adobe® Illustrator® in combination with product data is a world first. Illustrator® files can be linked to data from PIM systems or web content systems such as Adobe® Experience Manager. This data can be translated into different languages at any time.

One area of application is the automated creation of packaging layouts. With the support of Adobe® Illustrator®, priint:suite customers can achieve greater efficiency and security in the packaging creation process.

priint:planner Layout Briefing

The new Layout Briefing module allows easy graphical composition of pages. The user arranges content on a grid in a layout using Drag & Drop. Thus, they can quickly and easily creates a digital brief for the graphic designer in Adobe® InDesign®. In addition to the digital scribble functionality, the user can group product data in the Briefing module and create print-specific content, e.g. the specifications for a page title. The priint:planner Layout Briefing module accelerates the process of creating leaflets, mail order catalogues and other creative print advertising materials.

Connectors – even more connectivity

With the priint:hub, the priint:suite provides a unique middleware that facilitates a quick connection to different systems. Be it PIM, Web Content, DAM or CRM systems. The connectors have been considerably extended so that integration can be implemented even more easily and quickly. Further pre-configured connectors for PIM 8 from Opus Capita, Adobe® Experience Manager, Akeneo, Adeona PIM, MasterPIM and inRiver are also provided.

priint:suite goes Linux

Starting with priint:suite 4.1.6 Linux is supported. This applies to both the Publishing Server and the priint:comet PDF Renderer. Customers can set up the priint:suite as a publishing platform including server-supported PDF generation on a pure Linux platform.


Many detail improvements and new features in all components and modules of the priint:suite are waiting for you. Click here for a free demo.