The priint:awards 2018

3 strong winners of the priint:awards 2018 for Publishing Project | Innovation | Partners

This year again, WERK II presented three awards during the 9th priint:days (May, 3 + 4, 2018) for particularly outstanding projects in the following categories. We congratulate the winners of the priint:award 2018.

Publishing Project 2018

The project must have started in 2017 and at least a first prototype must have been installed at the customer's site. The criteria were number of users, complexity of layouts, interface complexity, process complexity, return on investment and degree of innovation. Both priint:comet 3 and print:suite 4 projects could be submitted.

  • Nominations & Winners Publishing Project of the Year 2018:
    • Laudert nominated with the customer E/D/E
    • Kolb Digital nominated with the customer Hansgrohe
    • Vignold  nominated with the customer Edding
    • Winner: Premedia with the customer Frischeis

Innovation of the year 2018

The term innovation is very broad. Any improvement could be submitted: Be it a business idea, a concept, a new type of service, an extraordinary technical implementation in the area of priint:suite or "just" an extraordinary application case.

  • Nominations & Winners Innovation of the Year 2018:
    • Laudert test cases with LaudertCheckPoint
    • Gaficon with the Perfion Connector
    • Winner: Arvato System with Wago

Partner of the year 2018

This award went to one of our certified priint:suite partners. The Partner of the Year was determined on the basis of the following criteria: License sales 25% - number of new customers 25% - innovation 20% - number of qualified consultants 15% - joint marketing activities 15%.

  • Nominations & Winners Partner of the Year 2018:
    • SDZeCOM
    • Gaficon
    • Winner: Laudert

After a short presentation of all nominees, the 3 priint:awards were ceremonially presented at the evening event on May 3, 2018.