Our Next Steps in Vietnam - A priint Team Update

Long gone are the days when the city stood still and the lockdown paralyzed lively Vietnam. Businesses have since reopened and the city streets are once again vibrant and full of life. Streets are now full of crowds and noise, with vendors soliciting passing buyers with megaphones and scooters seamlessly zooming through the crowded streets.

The excitement and anticipation of what's to come is also in very much present in our small office in Vietnam. It's up and running and all signs are pointed towards tremendous exponential growth in the months and years ahead.

One thing is for certain - a lot has happened since Paul last reported in this space. He is no longer in Vietnam, but back in Germany and I am currently leading the team in Vietnam as an Engineering Manager.

In the meantime, we have gained some new colleagues and are now have a solid team of six people and continue to expand. After laying the first foundations for the priint Group in Vietnam, we can now reflect on several successful projects in Vietnam and begin to look forward to our next projects on the horizon. One thing is for certain- it will not be boring here!

Thanks to the support of our colleagues here in Vietnam, we were able to gain quite a bit of experience. It wasn't always easy because of the language barrier, but we were able to take away some lessons:

We noticed at work how important communication is in the project. Extensive and detailed project documentation and a clear idea of the target state is important for everyone involved in the project. The different time zones should be able to be used to the greatest advantage with work preparation and documentation.

Our goals for the future are clear: We want to be able to reach our customers and partners in Asia, Australia and Oceania and offer superior project implementation and support. Aside from the time zone difference, building up local knowledge also plays a major role in order to be able to give our customers the best possible advice. For this purpose, we work closely together as a team and are constantly exchanging ideas with each other. This also includes a bit of team building, allowing us to get to know and understand each other well as we function as one team. We know a strong team produces strong results, so a few days ago we had a fantastic team event with our office colleagues from Laudert.

Vietnam remains interesting and intriguing. We are witnessing firsthand how the city continually changes and supports talented local businesses in their specialized line of work. We are in a fascinating city that never sleeps or stays the same- where one day you're drinking tea at a roadside café and a few days later you're standing in front of an empty construction site.