priint:comet - Process diagrams in Illustrator® automatically

The priint:comet Illustrator® plugin has previously been introduced in our blog. Now we'll take a look at working with diagrams and technical drawings in the database publishing environment.

We have extended the scope of the Illustrator® plugin for our customer, WAGO, to automate the generation and updating of diagrams and technical drawings, thus significantly simplifying the entire production process.

An Illustrator® drawing is created by a graphic designer. The dimensions are linked to priint:comet placeholders and the product information. With just a few mouse clicks, different versions of the technical drawing can then be generated automatically. In our example, the number of clamping points for current conductors.

This procedure can also be used for several data sets in parallel. Therefore, a large number of variants of the diagram files are created automatically in a single batch operation.

This additional functionality is provided by the priint:comet Illustrator® Plugin. The priint:comet Illustrator® plugin is part of the priint:suite and can be linked to all common PIM and content systems. The user then has access to the data of the linked content systems. The priint:comet Illustrator® plugin can also be operated as a "stand alone", in which case a simple XML file is sufficient to automate Illustrator®.