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Under the banner of wood, Austria’s largest trader for wood and wood-based materials J.u.A. Frischeis is on the move throughout Europe. Frischeis relied upon our Enterprise Solution Partner Premedia for its reorganisation and conversion of catalogue production.
Thus 70 years of competence in the timber trade met 30 years of competence in technology and marketing production know-how.

In concrete terms, this meant that around 83,000 products in 18 countries had to be presented in CD-compliant form in various languages for around 30,000 customers – in dozens of product cataloges.

Task: Moving away from manual work processes to 90% automation

Diversity: One product in umpteen product cataloges

The starting point was the high number of approx. 83,000 products, which can be found in various product catalogs in several languages for their international locations.

Stumbling block: Manual work processes

Previous (manual) production made catalog production a complex, time-consuming and error-prone affair.

Rollout: with priint:comet for automation

Development of a rollout plan for the transfer of the different catalogs into automation.

Exemplary: Implementation of the automation using priint:comet.

Fully automated production of the catalogs “Bodenbuch” and “Terrassenbuch” as the basis and template for further production.

Autarkic: Fully automatic cataloge production

Frischeis now produces all catalogs fully automatically and independently.

Potentials of print automation with priint:comet

  • 50% time saving
  • 90 % Automation in catalog production (product pages)
  • Minimization of error susceptibility
  • Quality assurance through high-end templating: Intelligent logic and linking of data sources
  • Planning and visualization of a product catalog at the push of a button by product management
  • Typographic and language-sensitive formatting of the data is carried out via priint:comet, homogeneous, high-quality layout is therefore ensured
  • Consistent implementation of the International CD and catalog layout
  • Increasing both data quality and quantity
  • The system-controlled workflow ensures a uniform work process for all departments involved
  • And last but not least: There are only days between planning and the finished catalog and not weeks as before the introduction of the system

Music of the future has become reality: Frischeis uses the InDesign plug-in priint:comet to record its database-supported catalog production. By integrating additional advertising media and using the data for all digital print publishing processes, Frischeis ideally exploits the potential of our “comet”.

A strong partner: Premedia started the conversion of the product catalog production at Frischeis with the analysis of the current advertising media as well as the data quality of all data to be automated. This was followed by the implementation of our InDesign plug-ins priint:comet. Once again, Premedia has proven to be the right partner when it comes to building complex requirements into scalable and tailor-made solutions.