Meet the Team

Four new and one familiar face

The priint team continues to grow and we are happy to introduce our new colleagues and reunite with "old" acquaintances. Since January, we have welcomed over five team members, all of whom have found their way to us in a variety of ways.

Rabea Neumann

At work the process and organization manager - in private the puzzle and family person

Since Rabea has always wanted to work creatively, but her strengths lie more in juggling numbers, she completed an apprenticeship as an advertising clerk and was then also allowed to complete a part-time degree in marketing with her employer. What she particularly appreciates about her career is that she has been able to gain insights into the different areas of print: Whether it was during her apprenticeship, when she was allowed to create layouts herself in the graphics department, for example, or maintained a PIM system in the data department - her enthusiasm for print has only grown in the process.
"[...] Whenever someone says 'print is about to die', I say 'no, I don't think so, because we humans are haptics and we'll stay that way'. I think it's the good mix that makes it - so between digital and analog. [...]"

Through her last position in project management, where she was responsible for the resource planning of up to 70 people in the catalog creation process and additionally had to deal with various service providers, she has now joined us and takes over the resource planning in the Professional Service Team.

In her private life, she follows her life motto "Better to die standing than to live kneeling." - She remains true to herself with all her rough edges. Her family, with a total of three siblings and several nephews and nieces, always give her the support she needs. When she's not working, she can be found in her self-built gym, jogging in the woods, solving a Swedish puzzle, or sewing in the evening to unwind a bit from the day. Then, when friends join in, Escaperoom puzzle games are brought out and solved together.

Matthias Eckert

At Werk II | priint Group Application Consultant and otherwise more of a nature lover

In Würzburg, we also have a new colleague to welcome: Matthias already brings 10 years of experience in priint:suite. At his previous employer, he was responsible for 1st and 2nd level support and had several customers who already used priint:suite or priint:comet. In addition, he can look back on experience in the publishing industry in the field of templating and PDF creation.
Most recently, he was able to particularly enjoy the creative part of working on the monthly magazine for employees at his former employer.
With this know-how, Matthias quickly joined our team and has already led the first partner trainings. Creativity is not neglected either, because it is planned that he will continue in the graphic area - we are already looking forward to working together with Matthias and his motto also fits perfectly into our team, because it never gets boring with us.

"Every day you learn something new.“

When he's not sitting in front of the computer creating templates or holding partner training sessions, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son. He always enjoys getting out into nature - whether it's exploring the area on foot or stepping on the speed on his mountain bike.

Martina Herhold

Administration & Finance – A familiar face returns

Martina has been on board at Werk II since 2006 and has witnessed the company's beginnings live. One could say: All the best for the company anniversary. Unfortunately, we had to do without her for about a year, when she wanted to see something else after all. During this time we had a great colleague who could not replace Martina as a person, but who also integrated her unique personality well into the team.

But what's the best way to learn what's important to you in your professional life? - Of course, when you work somewhere else and can compare it with your previous workplace. That's why we are all the more pleased that Martina has found her way back to us.

„At my age, I thought that I should now take another chance and change again - if not now, when? - When I came back now, I was welcomed with open arms.“

When Martina is not busy with the accounting or our team approaches her with questions, she also likes to go to wellness treatments with her group of women. Otherwise, she always has an open ear for her family and if she still has time, she looks forward to the Zumba classes.

There are also new team members in our American team. The first of these is Jennifer, whom we warmly welcome as Marketing Assistant.

Jennifer Ely

Passionate marketer, whether at work or at home

There are also new members in our American priint team. The first of these is Jennifer, whom we warmly welcome as Marketing Assistant.

Jennifer has a wealth of experience in Marketing and Business Development- with over a decade of experience in the fast-paced automotive and manufacturing industries. She also studied at the University of Toledo where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Marketing. Once she had a family, she took a hiatus from the corporate sector and made it a priority to stay home to raise her children while they were young.

She is dedicated to being involved in her community, including volunteering her services to manage the marketing for local festivals and events for many years. In addition to joining the priint team, Jennifer also works as a reading and math intervention specialist at a local elementary school and helps with her family’s small business (a delicious roasted nuts company).

When asked what her favorite motto is that she tries to live by, she quoted Mother Teresa:

"Do small things with great love. “

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and friends, distance running, attending concerts, and traveling to warm climates.

Theresa Stoodley

Application consultant by day and fencing coach by night

Theresa also joined our American team at the beginning of the year. When she attended the annual CreativePro Week, we caught her eye as a sponsor. Later, when she was looking for a new job, she came back to us and found it exciting that the role required both a good handling of InDesign and InDesign scripting. We are very pleased that she is now a priint team member with her graphics and scripting experience.

"I watched this video [for the Creative Pro Week] and it was like ‘They do some kind of magic. I want to be a wizard, too.’”

When she's not working in InDesign, she spends time with her husband and three-year-old. She also tries to stay active: After being particularly enthusiastic about sailing as a child and teenager, she has also developed a passion for the sport of fencing. She shares that passion by teaching fencing to children and adults.

We are happy to have new colleagues in the team and to work together on great projects.

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