Kontave Solution Partner from the UK

In the interview: Derick Price, Co-Founder, from our new partner Kontave

One of the many pleasures being responsible for Partner Management at priint Group | Werk II is, to welcome new Partners into our Network. I am very pleased to welcome Kontave into our network. With its Headquarters in the UK Kontave will be a great addition to our existing partners in Europe. I’ve asked a few Questions to Derick Price, Co-Founder at Kontave.

Derick, could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Thanks Sebastian. I guess I am best described as a geeky commercial guy. I’ve been involved in Software for over two decades now, working in the early years with accounting software before moving into customer relationship management software when it was a ‘new’, and onwards into content and media management solutions for about the last ten of those years. I have worked for technical agencies for a lot of that time in leadership positions and have been fortunate to work with some great local and global companies and their people.

Why did you decide to open up your own Company?

We founded Kontave as a Creative Technology Agency in 2019 to specialise in the sale and delivery of content management and media software platforms. For those that know, and those that do not know, this is a diverse, crowded, and somewhat complicated market. It is bursting with fantastic software solutions that solve business pain points surrounding content from all over the world. We saw a gap for a less ‘technical’ agency that can listen, guide and direct customers to the right software platform; whilst additionally helping software vendors to correctly contextualise their message into those audiences. We have a real interest and passion for the Europe, Asia and US markets.

At Kontave you’re Commercial Director and one of the Founders of the Company, correct?

Absolutely. We hand out role names as we like our business to be; easy to understand and transparent. No grand or confusing titles in our business please! I guess that makes me the numbers guy, but actually my responsibilities include all partners, alliances and revenue channels, and only end when we have delivered a successful project. Of course, I am only one part of the story; my fellow co-founder has been a Creative Director for as long as I can remember and we have surrounded ourselves with the very best people, alliance partners and vendors both locally and internationally to create what is an extremely exciting business for all of those involved.

So why did you decide to partner with us at priint?

In our mind, content distribution is, and has to be, fully omnichannel. By that we mean that taking a message to market has to allow for persona and distribution channel to have context for the end customer; which includes all digital channels and print. This does not just mean being able to produce heavy catalogues, brochures and point of sale, but includes hyper personalised content created to further engage that customer in a tactile way.

The priint:suite of product, as well as having powerful automation and personalisation capabilities also facilitates the integration of data from multiple business source applications including PIM, DAM, ERP and eCommerce. That offering, its alignment with our other software platform partners, the focus on both local and international markets and genuinely being a great bunch of people to work with was really enticing for us.

What is your Mission Statement?

We believe in making digital technology work; influenced by creativity and as beautiful to engage with as possible.

Thank you Derick for these insights regarding you and Kontave. I’m looking forward to tackling the first projects together with you over the next few months.

Thanks Sebastian.

Derick Price, Commercial Director at kontave