Automated price book creation

2 Strong Brands, 2 Price books, 16 Unique country versions

The Success story continues: Hansgrohe relies on the priint:suite to fully automate the production of its price book. Our implementation partner, kolb digital, managed the 7 month conversion to Hansgrohe’s new publishing process.

One of Hansgrohe’s most important sales and marketing tools is their price book comprising of approximately 550 pages for the Hansgrohe brand and 330 pages for Axor, it’s sister brand. Today, with the priint:suite, these price books are created completely automatically in 16 different country versions including language, data, pricing, currency and other country-specific variations.

Our implementation partner kolb digital, having successfully installed the PIM system and the priint:suite, successfully executed this project within 7 months with the priint:planner replacing the previously used hybris Print-Cockpit.

The implementation

  • Maintenance of product data from the PIM analogous to a central structure
  • Control of country versions based on predefined parameters
  • Transfer of PDFs to product management for data control of country versions (the PDFs serve as templates for data corrections carried out in the PIM)
  • Fully automated production of the complete price book

The advantages

  • Fully automated production from the PIM system including all chapters, TOC, pagination, etc.
  • Drastically increased production efficiency
  • Measurably increased time savings
  • Noticeable reduction in the number corrective cycles