Database Publishing with Adobe® Illustrator®

The priint:comet Illustrator Plug-in

No, that’s not a spelling mistake. Because layout automation is now also possible with Illustrator® and no longer exclusively in InDesign®. And WERK II, the supplier of the priint:suite, publishes the Database Publishing plug-in for Illustrator®.

But why is an automatic solution required for Illustrator®? The answers are simple:

  • Text and image information should subsequently be updated in an Illustrator® file supported by database.
  • An Illustrator® file can be updated in different language with a single click.
  • An Illustrator® template can be applied to hundreds of products with a single click.
  • The user wants to see at a glance what information needs to be updated.
  • The Illustrator® file can be provided with dynamic layout rules.

And the priint:comet Illustrator® Plug-in offers all these functionalities. The priint:comet Illustrator® Plug-in is part of the priint:suite and can be linked to all common PIM and content systems. The user then has live access to the data of the connected content systems. Or the priint:comet Illustrator® file is operated “Stand Alone”, then a simple XML file is sufficient to automate Illustrator®.

And best of all: Installation and familiarization are simple, a configuration can be completed in just a few days.

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