Back to the future (Part 4)

No shyness: Touchpoints that touch

The wrong action at the wrong time: Marty McFly showed us what effects this can have, as he accidentally travelled 30 years into the past. The wrong information at the wrong touchpoint has even more catastrophic effects. In the worst case it has no effect, it may even do the opposite of what we want.

How important it is to adress the right touchpoints at the right time with the right information was demonstrated on the 8th priint:day 2016.

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We took our participants on our touchpoint trip in 2016 and showed them how important print touchpoints are in multichannel communication. Print will change. It will be more dynamic, personalized, individualized, digital of course with more integration into online touchpoints in order to pick up and accompany customers at every step of their customer journey.

Marty McFly’s journey back into the future was as exciting and sparkling with similarities to the consumer of today who travel through their individual customer journey.

Even though Marty and our current marketing departments certainly differ from each other – they have one thing in common: they successfully rely on the power of print to convince people with just a piece of paper!

Marty also used a print touchpoint, a newspaper report from the future, to persuade Doc Brown of 1955 to help him return to the future. The DeLorean’s energy reserves were exhausted, so that another source of energy had to make Marty’s journey into 1985 possible: a lightning bolt that would strike the town hall clock.

You see: The right touchpoint, at the right time, at the right place enables a true (customer) journey and is the key to success.

And the 9th priint:day under the motto “Marketing meets technology” 2018 showed us how much everything is interconnected and only works when there is a smooth interaction.

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If the course is not set correctly, you can forget the journey into the future. Then neither Marty McFly would have arrived in the future, nor will our current marketing departments. If you don’t properly deal with data, automation, technologies, processes, etc., then the journey is still inevitable: It ends in a dead end!

The conclusion? On the 9th priint:day we addressed the necessity that marketers as a whole have to deal with technologies and the digital transformation even more, which requires a massive rethink.

The company WAGO has shown us how this works: Using WAGO as an example, we demonstrated how such a digital change process can take place. WAGO interprets the print catalogue in its navigation as facets or filters used from the web shop. This allows print catalogs to be created on demand from the digital experiences. This completely different conceptual approach is called: facet catalog.

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And on 1 + 2 Junel 2021 in the Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park you will experience how multi-faceted our 10th priint:day will be.