Back to the future (Part 3)

Innovative & digital

Do you remember our first blog post “Back to the Future“, in which we drew analogies of the film classic to our priint:days? Well – let’s make a comparison between Dr. Emmett L. Brown and ourselves. It is not only Doc Brown that dares to look through the “glasses of the future”. We, too, are visionaries and, based on our decades of experience, analyze how markets will develop in the next 5-10 years and which innovations will reveal themselves to us when we look to the future: Our 6th priint:days 2014 was therefore completely dedicated to innovation. We forecast the future and put a number of things to the test.

But in order to understand the present, we must go back to the beginnings and thus travel into the past. Doc Brown was already working on his time machine in 1955. A time when probably everyone thought he was pretty crazy. Was the time ripe for such a machine? Could that work? Well – as elementary as the view of reality, requirement and probability is, as imperative it is to think transversely or differently and visionarily in order to recognize and shape the future and achieve great things.

For example, we developed our priint:hub one year before our 6th priint:day, i.e. in 2013. Why? Not because the market demanded it or even asked us for it back then. This requirement did not exist at that time. Just as there was no need for a time machine in 1955. But we knew that publishing would change and that we had to become more inclusive to integrate more data sources. Today, the priint:hub is used successfully by numerous companies and simultaneously connects the most diverse content systems with the publishing process.

But let us look a few more years into the past. We soon realize that we were probably labelled a little “crazy” when we first started using Adobe® InDesign®, even though QuarkXPress accounted for 95% of the market share in the database publishing segment at the time. A wise decision as it turned out.

Probably a bit of “being a little crazy” just belongs to “Visionaries”. Like us 🙂

Today’s innovations are usually closely linked to digitization – the motto of our 7th priint:days 2015. But is there a contradiction between digitization and print communication? No. We didn’t think that in 2015, and we don’t today either. Of course, printing and publishing are changing, but both remain very important in the orchestration of communication channels and touchpoints.

Marty McFly showed us just how important clever orchestration of events are at his parents’ school concert in 1955. Today we know what an incredibly impulsive scene this was as an introduction to Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode.

Almost a bit like in the song “Johnny B. Goode”, it is by the way also with us: “mANY people coming from miles around to hear …”. Aprospos ANY. Do you know who ANY is? No? Then we would like to introduce you to ANY:

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ANYthing else? Yeah, sure. But we won’t show you that until the 10th priint:day. We look forward to seeing you at the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord on 1 + 2 June 2021.