Back to the future (Part 2)

...because nothing is as constant as change

“Human Factor” and “Change” has determined the theme of the 4th + 5th priint:days. With our time machine we have arrived in the years 2011/12.

Aprospos Time Machine: Do you remember Marty’s father George? The typical loser? A young man who completely lacks self-confidence and Martys mother Lorraine whom he gets to know only by chance? Or Biff Tannen: Biff, who had already in 1955 turned out to be an arrogant youth and who 30 years later still proves to be the pompous superior of Marty’s father George?

Sometimes it seems as if only a small correction is necessary, e.g. in the form of a hook to the chin, which changes a person and thus his entire life.

Whether we as a company are consistently successful also depends almost entirely on the “human factor”, as numerous presentations on 4 priint:day 2011 made clear to us. Because it is the employees of a company who pave the way to success with their knowledge, commitment and know-how. And it is the company’s customers who have a say in determining and evaluating change.

And a small correction – even if it is only in the form of a “left hook” – can change the entire life, whereby we would also be with the keyword of the 5th priint:day: Change!

The view into the present can make events of the past plausible. Analyzing the past shows us the pathway to the future.

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So on the 5th priint:day 2012 we looked at changes: changes in the world of work, changes in the development of systems or the effects that these changes had on us humans.

And how drastic a supposedly small change can be, has already been revealed to us by Marty McFly, who almost lost his own existence.

How important it is to consider all relevant aspects of experience throughout history, will be shown to you on the 10th priint:day 2021.