Back to the future (final)

A powerful 10. priint:day awaits you

At the beginning we made clear how important it is to highlight the past in order to shape the future. But it’s not sufficient to only view the past or the future in order to arrange a successful present and/or to make us fit for the tomorrow.

In relation to our 10th priint:day this means: The digitalization of marketing is progressing and it is becoming more and more apparent that data & content are becoming the central challenge of marketing. Therefore, the anniversary priint:day offers a 360° view on content and print touchpoints.

360°? Doc Brown has already shown us how this works – how could it be any different? At least in the beginning…

So let’s take a look at the building blocks of a successful 360° content strategy on the 10th priint:day and find out why e-commerce and digital marketing will have to deal more with digital print in the future. Our jubilee-priint:day provides orientation in the digital transformation of the print channel for offline and online users.

Look forward today to the inspiring keynote “Back to the Future” by our mastermind Horst Huber, who will bring the relevant topics and points of view into an understandable comprehensive context.

Look forward to a look into the future, which will show us how we must shape the present in order to draw the right conclusions for the future. Just like Doc Brown.

Dive with us into the biggest meeting of the German-speaking multichannel industry. Promised to be on a much more pleasant path than Biff Tannen and with excellent companions and excellent industry giants.

Join us on our journey and take the same unusual paths with us as our friend: Marty McFly!

For this anniversary we have chosen a unique location: The Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park. A disused metallurgical plant which has reinvented itself and is today an international event location with a unique landscape garden development.

It’s best to register now. The largest German-language meeting of the multichannel industry – and so for you it’s your golden thread to a more efficient and better product communication.