Adobe Summit 2023

The priint team is excited to return in person to Adobe Summit. The Adobe Experience Cloud is the premier marketing platform to orchestrate your print channel and personalize print content to boost its effectiveness. Priint’s solutions to automate print layouts and workflows are more relevant than ever. This is a great time to bring your print channel "online" and we can show you how.

While marketing teams are focused on scaling the production of personalized digital content, (aka, the content supply chain) they often overlook how the same principles can work for their print or offline channels. Timely, personalized print campaigns can have a powerful impact—often greater than digital—when integrated into an omnichannel platform. And you can reduce significant production costs through automation. Adobe has foundational components like Workfront and AEM Assets connecting with Creative Cloud applications and the emerging CC Services for automating the creation of personalized and localized assets at scale.  

Priint has led the industry in automating creative print layouts and workflows for years with InDesign and InDesign Server and is eager to bring our solutions to InDesign Cloud Services later this year. We have helped customers connect print workflows to products like AEM Assets and Workfront and see more potential to leverage the Experience Cloud to optimize your print channel.

Adobe Workfront is the production hub enabling teams to collaborate, oversee marketing and production teams, gather comments, and kick off automated workflows. Print output can be reviewed and approved, and production steps can trigger production tasks like updating templates, localizing content and more.

Marketing automation requires connecting assets to marketing and product databases and using marketing data to determine how to personalize and execute print campaigns. Our solutions at priint can import data and assets into InDesign and Illustrator files from AEM Assets for images and marketing text; Commerce and PIM systems for pricing and product information; Personalization profiles from Journey Optimizer. Our priint:publishing Hub can manage live connections to these systems and print assets to help customers achieve the scalability marketing teams need in fractions of the time it takes to accomplish using legacy processes.  

While digital marketing has adopted programmatic advertising, we are helping our customers achieve programmatic “Programmatic Printing”. Our customers like Wago, an electronic parts manufacturer that use priint:suite to trigger personalized print assets like direct mail or mini-catalogs containing products a prospect recently viewed digitally. We are excited to show you how our customers are doing this today.  

Stop by our booth number 537 at Adobe Summit to learn more about how priint can help connect your print workflows to the Content Supply Chain and leverage the Experience Cloud to boost ROI with your print and other offline channels.