2019 the priint:suite traveled the world!

1x around the globe – together with our partners!

The priint:suite presented itself at various events around the globe and celebrated a few birthdays. We would like to thank our partners for the many great events together.

The journey of the priint:suite through the year 2019

How the priint:suite and the PIM of Akeneo work together in database publishing was demonstrated at our partner event hosted by Akeneo in Paris earlier this year.

At Laudert Connect we toasted 20 years of Laudert in Hamburg. And what would a birthday party be without a little esprit? In the lightning duel between Sven Henckel and Horst Huber, the questions and concerns surrounding media production and automation were brought to the point in a flash.

At the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, our priint Americas team demonstrated the latest trends and best tools for combining data and design to create extraordinary customer experiences.

Together with our partner Akeneo the priint:suite was at the B2B Marketing Expo in London, where we revealed the last secret of e-commerce and print – friends or enemies of the customer experience.

In more northern regions, we went to the inRiver PIMpoint Summit in Malmö, where the topic was “Product experience in the age of the customer” – Of course, we had to participate.

At the end of May, we held our 2nd priint:partner Conference at Montabaur Castle. Besides a lot of know-how, we also celebrated extensively in the evening.

Some days later our team of priint Americas participated at the SAP Conference in Orlando “Sapphire now + ASUG Annual Conference“.

The priint team from Germany was at the same time at the f:mp Print & Digital Convention where Horst Huber explained why it is cool to be a zombie. His lecture dealt with the death and resurrection of the oldest branch of modern times – publishing.

Again with the priint:suite in our luggage we travelled to the Adobe Summit in London and showed the visitors how to keep up with the changes in digital marketing

At the IA4SP Future Workshop, we demonstrated how “powerful business” works in the area of print automation.

Together with our partner Nexoma, we took part in the Prokom Days, where Guido Sauerland gave the presentation “Increasing sales with individualized electronic product catalogues”.

A firmly scheduled item in our event calendar is SDZeCOM Update, where Horst Huber gave the presentation: “Digital First is the strategy. Does this strategy lead to the best possible customer experience in the long term?”

At the DMExco, we were found at the stand with our partner OpusCapita (now Prodexa), where we appeared under the motto “Pioneering the Traditional – Personalized Content in the Age of Customer Experience”.

Only one week later priint Americas took part in the inRiver PIMPoint Summit in Chicago.

Horst Huber celebrated 20 years of InDesign together with Adobe in Hamburg and explained in his inspiring lecture what a Porsche 911 has in common with InDesign.

Our CEO priint France Pierre St. Michel spent two hours on the Seine as part of the evening event organized by our partner Datasolution and gave the 100 participants their first insights into the priint:suite.

With his presentation “The undiscovered country – personalization conquers the catalog business, our partner manager Sebastian Hardung took part in the 10th Myview user and partner day.

We spent three days in Salzburg at the PimCore Inspire with the Overview Talk: Print Publishing with Pimcore, PDFReactor, MDS, Active Publishing and Werk II / priint.

Together with Laudert we visited Victorinox in Switzerland in autumn, where on the one hand we got great best practice insights from the Swiss companies Victorinox and Koch Group AG and Horst Huber gave the visionary talk “MacGyver and the Swiss Army Knife”. Because armed with the will to change and a powerful publishing tool, the adventure “digital transformation of the print channel” can begin.

With our team priint France we participated at the Riversand Confluence in Amsterdam.

From the end of October on, we traveled the globe with Contentserv, where we showed the priint:suite to interested parties in Tokyo, Paris, Rohrbach and Den Bosch.

Our last event in 2019 was the SAP Customer Experience Live in Munich.

We are already looking forward to organizing one or the other event 2021 together with you and especially to welcoming you at our 10th anniversary priint:day in Duisburg.