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Our legendary priint:day event is known around the globe for knowledge exchange, innovation and networking. The leading conference for omnichannel publishing brings together representatives from across vertical markets including different manufacturing, wholesale and retail industries.

Speakers from all business areas with deep professional expertise, as well as partner companies, provide inspiring insights into the successful use of the priint:suite in multichannel communication and convey future-oriented perspectives for tomorrow's communication. This first-class event is a must for those who recognize and want to use the added value of multichannel publishing for marketing and commerce.

Since 2008, priint:day takes place every two years, alternating with the priint:Partner Conference. With increasing internationalization and rapidly growing attendance, priint:day has become a not-to-be-missed industry event.

As a result of the current COVID-19 situation, we have decided to postpone the 10th anniversary priint:day. It is now scheduled to take place in the fall of 2021 at the spectacular Duisburg Landschaftspark. Stay tuned for more information!

9th priint:day 2018 - Pri(i)nt in a digital world: Marketing meets Technology

“Marketing meets Technology“ was the motto of the 9th priint:day. Digital transformation does not stop at marketing either. The digitalization of marketing poses great challenges for employees and companies. Challenges such as product data quality or the reduction of online and offline silos are becoming even more explosive. We see in the market that offline and online are not coverging towards each other, but rather that the gap is widening.  Technological innovations are “situated“ in digital marketing. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, is caught up in its routine daily business.

For years the focus of the Omnichannel industry has been to combine offline and online touchpoints in a perfect customer journey. Nevertheless, we see the need for traditional marketing as a whole to focus much more on technologies and digital transformation. That is why the 2018 priint:day focused on the digital transformation of marketing and the technologies required for it.

The Highlights of the 9th priint:day 2018

  • Nearly 300 participants
  • Visionary and strategy presentations on digital transformation in marketing and communication
  • Best practice examples for the implementation of the priint:suite
  • Speakers' Corner: 14 selected experts presented provocative theses
  • PRIINT:AWARD nominations: WERK II / Priint awards outstanding partners, innovations and implemented publishing projects
  • Festive evening event with a unique tournament of games and great Networking

Risks, Challenges and Potentials of Digital Transformation in Marketing

The gap between offline and online is still huge - and it is not getting any smaller. In many companies, offline and online departments live side by side which,  at best, is a peaceful coexistence. Instead of closing this gap, the focus has been on e-business, digital marketing, offline communication in isolation and processes are not integrated. This hurts brand awareness, the customer experience in the channels and touchpoints, the efficiency of the print channel and the quality of product data.

Do you know what a Facet Catalog is?

A worldwide unique innovation: to structure complex technical catalogs based on “Web Shop“ facets and publish them fully automatically. Mrs. Stroiwas, project manager of the Print On Demand project at WAGP and Mr. Wozniak, the innovator of the project, presented a unique priint:suite project implementation. They also showed how facet catalogs can improve the customer experience. The participants got insights into the surprises they experienced when creating a catalog based on data used in the web shop.

A small extract of the Program

In addition to strategic presentations, the participants also listened to numerous best practice presentations. The Speakers Corner offered space for many important topics. Among them were the following presentations:

  • HiPP publishes automated and data-safe labels for several hundred products in up to 30 languages
  • What role does print play in the customer journeys?
  • Digital Transformatin in Sales & Marketing at 3M
  • Next-Gen PIM: What AI can do for Product Data

Our Thanks to our Sponsors of the 9th priint:day

Impressions of the 9th priint:day