The Evolution of PIM to PXM - A Panel Discussion

Join us for an insightful panel discussion featuring leading industry experts Mark Holenstein from Akeneo, Michael Kugler from Contentserv, Michael Fieg from Parsionate, Stefan Herold from SQLI, and Horst Huber from the priint Group. This distinguished panel will delve into the transformative journey from Product Information Management (PIM) to Product Experience Management (PXM). Our speakers will share their unique perspectives on how PIM systems have evolved to meet the growing demands for enriched and personalized product experiences across various channels. They will discuss the key drivers behind this evolution, the technological advancements facilitating this shift, as well as the future outlook of PXM in enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction. This session promises to offer valuable insights for businesses looking to stay ahead in the rapidly changing landscape of digital commerce.



Akeneo: Mark Holenstein

Mark (Chief Operating Officer) joined Akeneo with more than 25 years of leadership experience across retail, e-commerce, and PIM industries. Prior to joining Akeneo, Holenstein held the position of COO at SaaS vendor Signavio, where he successfully scaled and optimized the Go-To-Market teams and strategy.

Contentserv: Michael Kugler

The industrial engineering graduate is considered a pioneer in the field of Product Information Management (PIM). Since 2004, Michael’s career in the industry has taken him through various specialist and management positions, from consulting and marketing to product management and sales. Michael Kugler has held the title of CEO at Contentserv since October of 2021.

Parsionate: Michael Fieg

Michael Fieg is one of the founders and managing directors of the Parsionate Group. Together with his colleagues, he advises numerous large European companies in the areas of data management, MDM and PIM - from strategy development to a complete technological implementation. Michael’s primary focus within the company is on portfolio development, sales and marketing.

SQLI: Stefan Herold

Stefan has been traveling internationally as a PIM/MDM (data) expert for more than 23 years. He has successfully implemented and advised on many international projects for customers, manufacturers and software / service providers. His commitment, customer understanding and vast expertise makes him a sought-after and valued consultant in the industry.

Moderation: Horst Huber

Our leader and mastermind: Horst Huber has been developing methods of optimizing print publishing, cross media and cross-channel communication for more than 30 years. Since the early 1990’s, he has managed some 300 projects in the fields of manufacturing, retail, mail order and publishing – making Horst one of the most experienced thought leaders within the industry.

Horst Huber