Bringing Generative AI and Automation to marketing workflows with Adobe Firefly and Express: What's new at Adobe   

Adobe is leading the rapid development of generative AI technologies. Adobe Firefly allows designers to create new images or modify existing images. That technology is now in Adobe's core products, such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator and is making these tools accessible to all through Adobe Express. Ingo Eichel, Sr. Manager Adobe Creative Cloud and Mike Zahorik, VP of Partners at priint, will discuss how design and workflows are shifting and explain where you can apply them to augment and automate your workflows.


For nearly 14 years, Ingo Eichel has been taking care of partners and developers for Adobe’s Creative Cloud. With their plugins and integrations, these partners help Creative Cloud users streamline their workflow, close product gaps, and connect their creative tools to additional systems.

Mike Zahorik is the VP of Business Development and Channel for priint Americas, the US subsidiary of German software maker priint. Prior to joining priint in 2022, Mike worked at Adobe for 25 years where he managed InDesign partners. He was involved with the launch of InDesign, InCopy and in particular InDesign Server as well as the Digital Publishing Suite. Prior to Adobe, Mike worked for RR Donnelley where he worked with clients on database publishing projects. Mike has spent his career focused on print workflow automation and integrating print workflows with product information management, content management and other publishing systems.


Mike Zahorik

Ingo Eichel