Data sheet vs catalog = symbiosis of both

With the trend of customers to inform themselves more about products via online media and data sheets, instead of rummaging through thick paper catalogs, WAGO is positioning itself with a new data sheet on-demand solution. With this, a symbiosis of catalog, magalog and data sheet can be created. Along the way, additional print touchpoints and innovative solutions for highly automated content generation will be created.
This enables added value for customers while increasing the efficiency of the company at the same time!
From the "data sheet on demand" to the "graphic robot", Artur Wozniak-Feldmeier will report on the variety of print touchpoints to get closer to the goal of complete "Customer Centricity".

Artur Wozniak-Feldmeier

Artur Wozniak-Feldmeier, a graduate engineer and product owner, has been working at WAGO GmbH & Co. KG has been working on a variety of topics related to product information since 2005. His field of activity ranges from data models, to maintenance and translation processes, to publication in all channels. Artur Wozniak-Feldmeier's approach of creating facets for highly flexible full automation of catalogs ushered in a new era in catalog generation in 2016. In collaboration with Arvato and WERK II, the company succeeded in supporting WAGO's "Customer Centricity" corporate strategy. The facetted approach also provided the company with additional innovative touchpoints, such as the graphic robot, product variant creation, new packaging layouts, and last but not least, individual data sheets on demand.

Artur Wozniak-Feldmeier